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Decide now not to take the Mark of the Beast, not to accept a digital ID, not to be a digital concentration camp guard or supporter

So what can we do?

Politically: Campaign/argue for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Each one is a suicide bomb. Any nation that wields them is a suicide bomber. Campaign/argue against the transfer of any national sovereignty to any international body for any reason by any means.

Personally: Just as you decided not to take the vaccine  – Decide now not to take the Mark of the Beast, not to accept a digital ID, not to be a digital concentration camp guard or supporter. Decide to be no part of the coming digital enslavement of mankind. Prepare for that eventuality (12 months of supplies and advanced payments). Do the research now before the test begins.

Morally: Understand that every single human being is of greater value than the entire planet. Because we are made in the image of God and will all of us one day become what we are the image of. The planet will never become a God. But we will. Every Palestinian will one day be a God. Every Ukrainian likewise. And every Israeli and every Russian. Even Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Klaus Schwab, will one day make it to divinity. Notwithstanding their manifest attempts to thwart the rest of us on our journey towards perfect judgement. That is what we are doing here. That is what you are doing every day and right now as you read this article. You are applying your sense of judgement. You are refining it, adapting it, distilling it, curating it. This is what it is to be a child of God. It is our judgement that he is developing in us by presenting to us the Billionaires (= milliardaires), the Government scientists, the politicians, the main stream media personalities on the one hand and the censored truth tellers, the persecuted whistleblowers, the silenced non government scientists, statisticians and life insurance actuaries and the alternative media personalities on the other.

But the idea that everything mankind is and has ever been can be wiped out by some demonic pig in some pathetic power game designed to make himself look BIG in front of those in his corrupted media who have not been murdered, indefinitely imprisoned or censored out of existence. The idea that everything humanity has achieved is of less importance than the ego of a heartless psychopath, who would sacrifice it all in order to feel more like a ‘winner’ and look more like a ‘shrewd operator’ is about to be exposed for what it is.

Those who cling on to power for a few more miserable moments of their negative value lives by abusing humanity, law, love, truth, science and national sovereighty: Obama, Sunak, Hancock, Fauci, Xi, Putin, Von der Leyen, Netanyahu,  and the billionaries and intel operatives who back them, and all who put power before humanity and political office before democracy will reap for themselves what they are sowing for us.

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