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« Terroristes ! »

When have we heard these excuses lately ?
Par exemple il y a ça :

« By the most brutal methods of terrorism, a regime sought to maintain an existence that was condemned by the overwhelming majority of it people … I have tried to persuade the responsible authorities that it is ipossible for a great nation, because it is unworthy of it, to stand by and watch millions belongings to a great,an ancient civilized people be denied rights by their government … I haveendavoured to find some way to alleviate a tragic fate. One agreement was signed only to be broken. I then tried a second time to bring about an understanding. A few weeks later, we were forced to the conclusion that the government [of Austria] had no intention of carrying out this agreement in the spirit that had inspired it, but in order to create an excuse. I have determined, therefore, to place the help of our country at the service of these millions. Since this morning,our soldiers are on the march acrossall ofAustria’s frontiers. »
(Adolf Hitler, March12,1938, proclamation to the german Geople justifying the german invasion of Austria.)

« We have no interest in oppressing other people. We are not moved by hatred against any other nation. We bear no grudge. I know how grave a thing war is. I wanted to spare ourpeople suchan evil. It is nt so muchthe country [of Czechoslovakia ; it is rather its leader [Edward Benes]. He has led a reign of terror. He has hurled countless people into the profoundest misery. Through his continuous terrorism, he has succeded in reducing millions of his people to silence. The Czech maintenance of a tremendous military arsenal can only be regarded as a focus of danger. We have displayed a truly unexampled patience, but I am no longerwilling to remain inactive while this mad madman ill-treats millions of human beings . »
(AdolfHitler,April 14,1939, justifying the german invasion of Czechoslovakia. Speech at the Sportpalast in Berlin.)

« The wave of appalling terrorism against the [minorities] inhabitants of Poland, and the atrocities that have been taking place in that country are terrible for the victims,but intolerable for a Great Power which expected to remain a passive onlooker. We will not continue to tolerate the persecution of the minority, the killing of many, and their forcible removal under the most cruel conditions.. I see no way which I can induce the government of Poland to adopt a peaceful solution. But I should despair of any honourable tfuture for my people if we were not, in one way or anoter, to solve the question. »
(Adof Hitler, August 23, 1939, justifying the German invasion of Poland, in letter sent to the UK and French governments in response to their communications condemning the invasion of Poland.)


Hein ? C’est fou ce que ça rappelle très fort, jusque dans le détail des arguments et des formulations, des discours qu’on a entendus il y a pas longtemps, ou qu’on entend en ce moment même sur ces dernières « guerres abjectes » - comme dit François Asselineau – qui ont rempli nos médias !
Et puis remarquez déjà à cette époque on utilisait à profusion le terme « terroriste » pour diaboliser l’ennemi ! Le gag ! Vous voyez ce que ça vaut cette terminologie, hein ? j’espère qu’à l’avenir vous ne vous laisserez plus impressionner ni par cette terminologie (et « régime » ) ni par ces belles phrases apparemment si raisonnables dans la manière dont elles sont arrangées. Comparez-les avec la réalité matérielle des faits qu’elles ont servi à « justifier »...
Ne vous laissez plus berner (par les méthodes à Edward Bernays !)

Vous voyez ! Quand vous entendez un discours de « guerre humanitaire », de « devoir d’ingérence » d’ « aide fraternelle » dressez l’oreille ! Soyez tout de suite méfiants !

Une autre constatation, la propagande hitlérienne était très habile, beaucoup plus habile que ne le fut la propagande soviétique, qui était assez grossière et maladroite, presque aussi habile que la propagande OTANesque et libéral-fasciste actuelle.

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